Topic: Okamiden sequel coming to the Nintendo 3DS?

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Capcom's Motohide Eshiro wrote:

…hopefully when we get [Okamiden] into people’s hands and they start playing it, they’re going to see how great using the touch-screen is. Hopefully they have a really good reaction to Okamiden on the DS and start clamouring for a sequel. Then if they ask for that sequel on the 3DS, well… we’ll see what we can do.

I would find it very nice to see this great game made for the 3DS.
What are your thoughts on the subject?

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I would absolutely love an Okamiden sequel for 3DS. I would like it to bring back Amaterasu, though, as Chibiterasu's cuteness and the whole adorable vibe Okamiden seems to be bringing is, to me, less desirable than the grace and beauty with tidbits of humor the original Okami brought. So yeah, I would love one as long as it went back to being majestic instead of cute.

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Nah, I think that the cuteness works well on DS. However, with the 3DS pushing towards Gamecube level, I think they can do a true sequel to Okami on just a small handheld. I love modern technology (even if it is 3 years old)!

Games I'm Looking Foward To Most -

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Kid Icarus Uprising


I would rather have a PS3 Okami. That would be amazing.

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3DS sequel Yes but now that means i have to beat Okami and Okamiden.

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@Megumi: What is wrong with you? You can't Like Amaterasu BETTER than Chibiterasu! Chibiterasu is HER SON! And liking her better JUST because Chibi is cute and Ammy isn't? That's heartless and evil! You are a demon. I hope Amaterasu comes after you next!



@Toonlink97: You're an evil demon sent from hell if you hate cute things. Chibiterasu IS majestic. And just getting rid of Chibiterasu and NEVER using him again is horrible. If that happens I will be your enemy. And for that comment about Chibiterasu I won't ALLOW you to have a picture of the character you just taunted. Take it down right now.

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Oh wow, welp if people still want to talk about da game after 5 years, make a new thread!

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