Topic: Noticed every Target is sold out of the Pikachu XL for 160? Here's how I got mine.

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Hey. So this morning I got a bunch of panicked texts from my brother telling me to wake up and how I needed to leave my house now if I wanted any chance of a Pikachu XL for my wife and I. Anyway, apparently he said there was a line and they sold out at his Target. Went to my Target, and to my horror, he was right. No worries. Here's what you do:

Get a Target ad with the deal printed on it (should have it at guest services). Go to Toys R Us, have them price match the ad. The Toys R Us still had a few left, and I (somewhat begrudgingly) got it for the same price, since they have to match printed ads. I got two of them, so I still got to save about 100 bucks (after tax)!

Good luck. And if anyone else has any other tips for people trying to get the on sale Pikachu XL, post them here!

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Yeah. He's the one who told me to take an ad to Toys R Us. So actually, it was his idea, not mine. But I thought I'd still share it. It worked for all three of us, and he lives in Florida (I live in Ohio).



Yeah I think a lot of people underestimated just how limited these would be. So far I haven't heard of any store that had any more than 4. I was waiting outside my Target before it opened and was able to get the very first one out of two total.

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I heard a rumor that each Target only got two of these pikachu editions. Is this true? If so ebey prices are going to skyrocket for these.



The one I went to only had two but on another site someone said their local Target had four so I think it just depends. I'm assuming it's less than 10 everywhere though.

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i'm really not surprised....pretty much all the online websites that cater to Canada are sold out. My EB Games has a few but chances are when I have the money to get one they will be gone. the only two places online that still had some were because it's not going to be in stock on their website until the 26th and still had one but they are looking for 269.99 for one. there's some up on for anywhere from 250-450. i want one but i don't want one that bad. I'm just hoping that maybe once they see how well they are selling, they might decide to release it again like they did for the pink XL.

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Just tried the ad price match trick at my toysrus. After a long battle with the cashier and manager I got mine for 160. They tried to act like they don't price match.



sunglassesatnit wrote:

Just tried the ad price match trick at my toysrus. After a long battle with the cashier and manager I got mine for 160. They tried to act like they don't price match.

Well that's annoying!
I'm glad you got it though x3.

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I came home from church proud of mine from Gamestop. My lovely wife shows me the Target ad and off I go to only find out Target had only received two and sold out just minutes after the store opened. Why would Target even advertise in the paper? Oh well, I still have one even if it was for full price.

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Glad to hear the Price-match trick worked for you, despite their whining!

Yeah. I had no idea it was going to be this rare. I just figured I had all week to think about it. And it's true from what I've heard, too, that Target only gets 2 per store. It's insane. Why advertise it? Or maybe Nintendo intentionally distributed few for this purpose.



Wow. Guess the Pikachu 3DS was a hit after all

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I have heard about a conspiracy that nintendo is holding back games so you direct download the game from them after you can't find it in store. Now I'm wondering if they are holding back these 3ds xl pikachu editions to stir up a craze to get them. They do seem really rare and I feel lucky to have one. Thanks to you tryken and your brother...I have one.



I think the more realistic conclusion is that stores simply did not order that many units for sale, so the few they did order sold quickly.

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Everywhere I went had already sold out of them, so I ended up having to reserve one of them at my local Gamestop, which happens to be over 30 miles away. Moral of the story: if you want to immediately get your hands on a special edition console, make sure you pre-order it.

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it's funny you guys mention GS — when i stopped by there to pick up LM2 tonight, the dude behind the counter actually pulled out a Pikachu 3DS to let me know that they had some in stock. i would definitely try your local gamestops if target and toys'r'us are sold out of 'em, guys :3

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I work nights and didn't get home until about 10:30am today. Decided I was going to eat something, relax, then go get my system. I called my local Target just to make sure they had them, sold out. Called another couple of stores, either didn't get any in or sold out. I was panicked. Then I called Walmart. I'm not sure how many Walmart had, but when I called they had four in stock, I asked him to put one on hold, he did though he said to please hurry before he went to lunch because he wasn't supposed to hold them. By the time I got there, 10 minutes later, the one I was holding was the only one left. They sold crazy fast. I just think it's too bad it didn't come with either the new Pokemon game, or at least a voucher for even a small discount on the digital download though Nintendo's e-store.I had them price match the $159.99 with the Target ad and they did so with no issues.

For people looking for them, I think you're out of luck. Seems to me, if you didn't get one early on release day yesterday, you're not going to get one.

My wife wanted one but we really couldn't afford to drop that kind of cash on two systems and she already has a regular 3DS so we went with just the one. In retrospect I feel kind of bad about it, but it is what it is. I'll probably break down and at least upgrade her to the XL sometime this week while the price is still low though.

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My local Target sold them as soon as they opened the door. They had three. The line at the door had 10 people. I ended up buying the blue model to replace my regular aqua model.

One of my local Gamestop store sold their stock of two as soon as they opened. And became upset when I asked for a copy of Luigi and Pokemon but didn't have a pre-order.

I went back to the Target after my shift and they had plenty of the games (They didn't have them out at 8 AM)

Edit: I was out of town today and came across one at a Toys R Us and one at an HEB Plus of all places.

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Got mine yesterday at 8:08 AM. My local Target opened at 8, and I literally sprinted to the back, and talked to the Electronics team member.
He seemed to have some sort of clue, so he checked on his PDA, and there were 3 in the back.
A man came back around this time, and points to me, counts one, and points to himself and counts two.

The team member went to go get the Pika 3DS's, and by this time the man's wife comes back, and we make small talk till the team member comes back and takes us to the check out counter.

I buy mine, with the $159.99 sale, and my sister's team member discount at Target, and I happily walk out of the store.
Another teenager came back and saw the line, and I am pretty sure he got one as well. So basically, my neighborhood Target sold out of these without even being open for 15 minutes.

I honestly feel pretty lucky to have one, so my OCD kicks in, and I bought a clear case, screen protectors, and an inside white skin to protect the white interior from yellowing out or discoloring ;c

So yeah! I am super super happy I picked up one of these, and I hope you all will be able to get a Pika 3DS if ya want one!



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