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DawnPawLove, You need to upload the picture to an image sharing site, like Imageshack.

You then get the url, and do this:
(img) (/img)
replacing the ( ) with [ ]


It's like, I just love a cowboy
You know
I'm just like, I just, I know, it's bad
But I'm just like
Can I just like, hang off the back of your horse
And can you go a little faster?!


Yes, I finally won the final Obediance Trial! Now having done that I figure I've essentially "beaten" the game. For me, the main challenges were winning all the competitions and buying a RoboPup.

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Thanks for the help! " alt="Untitled" />



Chaoslink1 wrote:

I have a golden retriever called Poochy, a cat called Kirby and a Beagle called Rocky
I already got the keyboard and the helicopter etc. I beat the first 2 cups of every competition so far.

BTW:I like how there's alot of mario stuff in this game: Mario sounds in the keyboard, Super Mario Bros house and Mario Kart RC racers

wow realy! met a girl named boo and she had a cute lemon and white beagle named rocky! is that you? my beagle is called baygul and gaygul just loves rocky



I have Golden Retriever. My dogs love to watch TV(I think they're lazy). The game has made it through the washer(twice)and still works fine! I have a Mario Kart, Peach Kart, and Yoshi Kart(Tip:Press the X button while driving Karts and Helicopters, etc. to see it from from the vehicle's point of view. The pets look HUGE!)

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Hello, I am new on here, and i was reading some posts

I was wondering how i can earn some money BESIDES doing competitions with my dog?

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Zebra225 wrote:

Hello, I am new on here, and i was reading some posts

I was wondering how i can earn some money BESIDES doing competitions with my dog?

You can sell items that you dont need/want.
Multiple copies of any toy can be sold as they're unnecessary.
You can also just use the pedometer to get better gifts - there are methods to maximise income this way. :3

I make Pixel Art on occasion, and sometimes sell them as Game Assets.

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@geonjaha - Thanks for the tip

I'm trying to save up for a kitty cat, even though they barely do anything :3

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Wolflover wrote:

I can't just give her away and buy a new one. I only have 2000 dollars and if I get a new husky I won't have much left and I could run out and get stuck. I just don't get why she won't catch it. Sometimes she does get it when she turns before a throw I wait until she is at the end of the turn. If I throw it too soon or late she does the turn again. May be do I just need to train her more? Does the game hate it when you give away a dog and name the new one the same? Because I accidentally pushed the button, and the other one because where the yes and no were changed . I got a new dog and named it the same, and she sucks. It said she "just loved runing and jumping around", but she's not really amazing at anything. Well, maybe a tiny bit above normal in lure. I miss the old Midnight.

What dog do you have? Is it overweight? Many of these can determine how it "catches" a disc. Then again, not all dogs are perfect, they just need practice. One way to solve this problem is:
1. Throw short distances, and slowly progress to larger distances
2. Once you dog catches the frisbee, keep clicking the bottom screen until your dog runs to you. Then you rub his/her head until you see the little spark icon. This will help by having your dog run to you faster, and not tug on the frisbee when you take it back.
3. Make sure your in the park with GRASS, and that you are alone.
4. Make sure your dog isn't distracted (Other dogs, not paying attention, etc.)
5. Lastly, award your pup with a treat after he or she catches the frisbee a couple times in a row

I hope this helped. GOOD LUCK!

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@Aviator Why does Gaga in your pic look like she has a tampon in her mouth? >_< Anyway, hope your a girl, just sayin. xD

I'm a PC player but I'll always have a spot for Nintendo. I grew up as a child as a hardcore Nintendo fanboy and I still love their games. The Legend of Zelda still gives me the magic feeling I had when I was a kid. :)


I just passed the Pro-cup in the Disc competition for Nintendogs+Cats. Here are some tips to help you pass that level...

1. Go practice at the seaside park, for it has lots of sand.
2. Start by throwing a tennis ball, and having your dog catch it. Don't forget to make him bring it back right away!
3. Once you do step 2, replace the tennis ball with a frisbee.
4. Start throwing the disc short distances, and slowly increase after your dog gets better.
5. If you are ready for the competition, use this helpful hint: Avoid the sand! There are 2 spaces where there is little or no sand. Aim for that area
6. Last, but not least, win first place

I also have some tips above for if your dog doesn't immeadiately chase the frisbee, chews on thee disc, or tugs when you try to take it back!

I'm a NintendoNerd :P

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I've done all that, but thanks for trying. Most people just ignored my question.



Victoria wrote:

WaveBoy wrote:

You guys have been going at this title for around a year now huh? I couldn't get past the 4-day mark with it.

I played mine quite a lot when I first got it (90+ hours) but then it was really the only 3DS game that was any good. Once I got other games, I stopped playing. Recently I picked it up again because I finally got my first Nintendog Street Pass hit.


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Well I got the Golden Retriever edition, had a little fun with it, but sold it pretty quickly.
It just wasn't different enough to the original, which I played for HOURS.

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anyone wanna join game on nintendo dogs with me?

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I haven't played this since I've had the game I think.

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