Topic: Nintendo World 2011 3DS demo event!!! Jan 8th - 10th!!

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Head on over to IGN.Com. They just posted 30 mins ago about the even and the playable games at the show!!
Playable demos will include: MGS 3, Super Stree fighter, resident evil, kid icarus, and ocarina of time, and much more!!
Also many game video demos!

Release date sooner than march?? Hope we will see.... Speculate!

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IGN is doing there Job!

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JumpMad wrote:

IGN is doing there Job!

WOW IGN is really doing there job!

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Odnetnin, I'm looking forward to the event on the 19th a lot. Hope we get price/date on that day. I think we will. Nintendo has to tell us soon if it really is coming out in March...

But that said, I'm looking forward to the 8th-10th Japan stuff because there's supposed to be a lot of playable demos, plus videos. I wish Animal Crossing 3DS was going to be one of the playable demos. sigh Not that I'll be at the event, lol, but that game being just a video doesn't bold well for it being a launch title (or even an early 3DS game). Anyway, here's hoping the Crossing video is a NEW video and not just the same video we saw before. Actually, here's hoping we see a lot of new demos, playable and videos, at the Japan Event. Plus more info on the 3DS online features, etc.

January is going to be a great month for 3DS info I'm sure.

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Thx TBD.

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Heck yeah. :3

MGS 3D is after the music.

lol Zelda jazz.

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Hurray for reactions without showing the actual games? Lovely presentation otherwise

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For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.



Well color me interested, Bomberman.... in 3D!!!
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