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I was looking at the applications for the 3DS listed on the Nitendo website. I noticed two things were listed as "coming soon". One was Netflix, and the other was Nintendo Video. I know the eShop is already showing trailers in some areas, but I have't heard anything about "Nintendo Video".

Check it out:

Nintendo describes it as:
"... content exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS system, showcasing games, Nintendo news updates, and much more."

Sounds like this will be a central spot for videos & trailers. I'd rather see them here, than plastered up on the front page of the eShop.

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That explains why the New Videos section of the Recent Arrivals is empty.

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Basically a Nintendo Channel like on the Wii. Shweet.



Hopefully it'll be an app to hold all the 3D videos. I don't like them cluttering up my home page.



Hm, I wonder if it just refers to the regular SpotPass videos they've talked about recently, sort of like the OK Go video but much more frequent, and very temporary, so that you have to watch them before the next one erases the last one.

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Agreed! Maybe the video application will list downloadable videos and videos that are already downloaded.
On the other hand, I wonder if those videos will even have a download option. Maybe videos featured in that application will be exclusively streamed.

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Sounds a lot like the Nintendo Channel to me, which I think would be a great idea. It would be neat being able to watch Nintendo Week on your 3DS.

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Nintendo week in 3DDDDDDD!


lol Horrible show.



From Nintendo's 3ds FAQ

For more information on Nintendo 3DS video content – including the upcoming Nintendo Video service which will offer original videos, music videos, Hollywood trailers, and more, all in 3D - please visit the video section at for more info.



I blame overprotective, overreacting soccer moms for the lack of Youtube on my 3DS.

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Can't wait All those videos are cludering up my home menu something fierce!

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Im soooo looking forward to watching my first 3d movie on this system!

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Sorry guys, not for NoE because they screw us up.

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@MaxiMillionG This is from the official Nintendo of Europe press release:

The system update also gives users the ability to receive SpotPass content from supported public WiFi hotspots across Europe and in the near future, users will be able to download a free application for a short-form video service that will enable them to view specially selected video content, including 3D movie trailers, comedy clips and music videos automatically received using the SpotPass feature.

We'll get video, just not yet

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@Peznaze @James
Thanks for clarifying what content will be available. We'll just have to wait until the application is released and see how this all comes together.

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unless you go with the R4i card, youll be stucked with overprotected content because of overreative soccer moms hahaha
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I'm cool with the idea of exclusive video content, but I truly hope that's not where Nintendo stops in terms of supporting video content. Even a 3DS-specific Youtube app would be better than nothing. A $250 handheld device in 2011 should at least provide those types of basic features.

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^^ I agree. Although I love my 3DS and consider it one of the most innovative and smooth handheld gaming systems I've ever played on, it is too pricey for it's capabilities. I think $199 would cover what it offers nicely. That said, although the internet capabilities and battery life aren't amazing, the 3D trailers so far have been. If Nintendo Video becomes a hub for streaming them and then deciding if you want to download from there, I think it will be a great feature for the system. Also can't wait for that Netflix app!

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pixelman wrote:

Hopefully it'll be an app to hold all the 3D videos. I don't like them cluttering up my home page.

Nah, Nintendo Video won't be that. Something like Nintendo Video is already up and running in Japan that plays Nintendo cartoons, game trailers and special video game previews; basically it is like Nintendo Channel on the Wii. I just hope we might see some animation shorts and cartoons of our favorite Nintendo characters like Captain F-Zero and Legend of Zelda. Perhaps, the Animal Crossing will get an English dub in the Nintendo Video area. Can you imagine a Luigi's Mansion cartoon?

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