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So its been 3 days and club nintendo support has not responded. Doe it always take this long?



Care to further explain your situation?

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It generally does not take this long. If you want, you may follow up with another message to Nintendo Support and tell them your problem again. Good luck!

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My situation is that I linked my account after purchasing many games. After 10 days still no surveys. Hoping they could give them to me.



Hmm I was told if I contacted them they'd give me the surveys but after 3days they haven't answered



@jmets They probably will.
I recently had my 3DS stolen, got a replacement one,(paid out of pocket) and they refunded me all of my games in eShop credit. They had access to all of the games from the serial number, and if they compare the buys of the games to the date of activation for your Club Nintendo account, you should be fine.

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