Topic: Nintendo sends refurbished 3DS in lieu of repair then bans unit

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Assuming this reddit post is legit, someone bought a new 3DS which was turned out to be defective so he sent it in for repair. Apparently Nintendo sent him back a different unit and later banned that system even though according to the user he never hacked the original or returned unit:

"During the ban wave last year, my 3DS was banned. The system has sentimental value and was a gift from my wife. I’ve never used any hacks, homebrews, unofficial or unauthorized software, or anything like that and at the time, I did not have any other Nintendo systems. I now have a switch, which also does not have any hacks or homebrews. I’ve never been into hacking systems or anything like that.

Everything on the 3DS was purchased and legit. I called Nintendo about it and they would not budge on the ban whatsoever. I’ve since essentially given up on the issue and given the 3DS to my 7-year-old son since he’s not allowed to access the internet anyway.

The one unknown in this situation is that the system that got banned was not the original system that I purchased. At one point I had to send my 3DS in for repair (crooked bottom screen) and they sent me a new system as a replacement. That is the system that got banned. I’ve always had the suspicion that this had something to do with it, but I can’t be sure. "

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