Topic: Nintendo says children under 7 should not use 3D on 3DS

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Here it is. Good thing
they have the 2D-3D slider.

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Toad+Fan+101 wrote:

. Good thing
they have the 2D-3D slider.

Yeah, and hopefully this won't cause a problem for younger 3DS owners, as I expect many of them will probably ignore this warning.

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This won't make my niece happy. Then again, she's kind of a brat so, HA!



jaw51 wrote:

I expect many of them will probably ignore this warning.

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They also say everyone should take a 10 minute break every hour while playing video games.
How many of you do that?

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this is old news and plus: WHO CARES WOOHOO!!!

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I don't see why it should be any more dangerous than focusing on stuff in 3D in the real world. It's probably just a silly warning to protect them in the 1 in a million chance there is some unforeseen consequence. My only other thought is maybe young children aren't as good at being able to combine the images from their eyes to see anything in 3D, so maybe it would be harder for them to appreciate the technology, and they just tell them not to use it so they won't be disappointed with it. I do recall when I was very young that I basically looked at things with my right eye and I'd get dizzy and nauseous if I had to look at something with only my left eye, and maybe that's not uncommon in children.

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i'm in agreement with iphys... sounds like the standard CYA kind of thing they put into those booklets you get with your system and peripherals and certain games that you just throw away as garbage. that said, young eyes are still developing, so it could very well have something to do with not wanting them to concentrate for very long on the 3D effects. who knows.

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The warning isn't a worry, since it applies equally to all 3-D technologies. What worries me is reading about game designers planning on restricting or eliminating 3D from their 3DS games because it tires the eyes. That's what the slider is for! Almost as annoying as Wii developers who say that too much motion control in a game tires the arm too much, so they don't put any motion control in their Wii game.



That is slightly worrisome, however, it is probably just an excuse for when they become too lazy to put 3-D in their games.

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Not sure why it's a big deal 3d movies have the same warning.

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Im sure there is probably a parental control to turn off the 3D effect altogether, so im sure it will be fine. Plus, kids under 7 will probably not care as they will like anything that you throw at them.



I hope no one neglects the 3D in games for the 3DS. It annoys me how few games on the Wii actually use the motion controls, since that was supposed to be the main reason to buy the system.


at least i'm not a young child


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Well there goes half this site..

I kid I kid, I'm sure you all have well developed eyes for seven year olds.



Adamant wrote:

They also say everyone should take a 10 minute break every hour while playing video games.
How many of you do that?

Oh yeah that's annoying. It's a good laugh though.

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