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Topic: Nintendo online setup still stuck in 1992 *sigh*

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So Nintendo finally woke up and decided to give us one Friend code per system (not game). How come I still can't send chat to people in my friend list? How come I can't actually ask 'fancy a game of street fighter'? What's the point of being able to "see" people online but not interact? If I see someone on my friends list playing street fighter how do they know I want a game? I understand I can set a room up but surely the other person has to go to the same option at the exact same time? Highly unlikely imo. Why can't I just send an invite like the PS3? What am I missing??

Come on Nintendo, just make the chat option a parental control so parents can block their kids from using it if they wish. I'm an adult and in this day and age I should be catered for!!! The 3DS is a wonderful piece of tech but you are still stuck in 1992 when it comes to online connectivity.




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I have this thing called a computer that I can use if I want to interact with people who are also basically guaranteed to have a computer. And there's like a 95% better chance of them not being 12 year olds.

If none of what I said was blatantly true, these would be valid complaints though!

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Feel free to let Nintendo know how you feel... we can't do anything about that from here. :3

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