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I've recently taken to drawing pictures for my little brother and sending them to him via Letterbox. It has just dawned on me that I can't extract them from said box, and they are to all intents and purposes, trapped.
Does anyone know of anyway I can bust in to the Letterbox and break the pictures out?
I'd appreciate any advice.



I don't know if that's possible I'm afraid. You could always take pictures, but those would take a while to get good quality (not to mention you have to take a pic of each one).
If you are looking for a good place to draw stuff, look at the art applications in the eShop. Colors!3D (for example) lets you export the pics to the SD card, which can be hooked up to the computer and printed off.
As for Letterbox, your best bet is probably to take pictures with a camera and export them to your computer. :3

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I was afraid of that :/ thanks for the heads up though



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