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Yeah? Okay. That game was made 22 years ago, before Zelda was the massive money-maker it is today. Nintendo hasn't been making Zelda games with the grand scheme of them all linking together in a coherent way. They just threw together a timeline to make fans happy and lay the whole thing to rest. Just play the game, enjoy it, and don't worry about the timeline. There are plenty on problems with it for now, unless Nintendo literally makes games just to "fix" the already broken timeline.

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Nobody here is worried about the timeline.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Morphtorok wrote:

Yeah, for the downfall timeline to exist ocarina's Link must've been killed along with his mother before she could give him to the Deku Tree or Link simply failed/died/said no the Deku tree before he could draw the Master Sword.

Either that or someone simply picked up and relocated the sword after he died. Idk.

Or he was never born. Wind Waker Ganon is the same Ganon that died with Link as an adult in OoT.

Since Link warned the past of the future, they tried to execute Ganon in Twilight Princess. The only way downfall could have happened, is if non-existence had occurred at any given point in time before the blade was drawn.

The Link in OoT could have been born years later to become LttP Link. IDK.

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I think I'm just gonna find plot holes from other series and just IMMEDIATELY assume they have no timeline because of that.

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Nintendo has retconned so many things about the Zelda franchise it's not even funny (did you know that Link was said to be an actual elf in the first game?) so why is this such a big bother?

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"Nintendo doesn't give a crap about the timeline, they never have. it was just put together to appease the fans."

Oh good grief.



Morphtorok wrote:

Nobody here is worried about the timeline.

I AM because it will atract all kinds of weird posers saying "you don't know the timeline hahaha I'm smarter than you" and those conspiration fans that go overboard(the moderate ones are fine though) saying how the timeline is messed up..... and things only get worse....

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Morphtorok wrote:

@dark-luigi: Timeline.

i like the way this guy thinks.

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