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In order form most not as bad.
1. Flipnote Studio 3D
2.Video Chat
3. Youtube

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Nintendonerdd100 wrote:

Discuss 3DS apps You want to see For The 3DS,Personally I want to See A weather App,Proablly Not Going to Happen Though.

Who the hell would like a weather app when you can have soooooooo much more??? Personally I'd like to check that 3D movie app.. I really hope nintendo changes their stupid overprotective-mom mentallity and lets developers do whatever the hell they want and let them decide the cost of the app.. whether its a game or a news app.. make the 3DS store like the app store



I just want to watch 3D movies. Particularly the Mario Bros. Movie. IN 3D!!!


I guess it would be cool, but i don't think i'd personally have any interest in watching a movie on any small handheld screen.

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PSP executed watching movies fairly well. Nintendo could hop on the bandwagon and 1-up them.

Har har har (Mario reference.)

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Well, I think we know in some form or another we will be able to watch movies on the 3ds, I believe it has been said multiple times, I just don't think we know in what format yet.

1) As for apps, I'd love a note taking app, that acted as a word pad so I could jot things down using the stylus if I was out and didnt have any paper on me. I.E next weeks work schedule, party directions, ect.

2) I wish they had an App that when you launched it, showed you every game ever released on the 3DS along with the box cover, information about it, and screen shots and maybe even videos. Not necessarily an app that lets you buy them, but one that lets you see what is out, so you don't have to hunt them down online to see whats new, or old. It would be able to update itself using the 3DS always connected update mode they are pushing. I mean honestly, there have been times I have gone on youtube just to look at "100 Ds games" or "100 psp/snes/sega/ect games". It would make my life alot easier lol.

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...oh, 3ds APPS. I suppose I'd love a service which lets you download episodes of your favourite TV shows, and with the 3DSConnect24 feature, it could update your episode list automatically by adding each newly-added episode to your library without you needing to sort through the entire list of episodes...and it better have shows that aren't 'just for kids' if you know what I mean! Whilst it'd be great to have new episodes of Pokemon, Sonic X, Power Rangers, Beast Wars etc. on a regular basis, I'd still like it if Nintendo could sort out with big movie-and-TV publishers to bring shows like Charmed (WB) and Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/Universe (MGM) to the 3DS-enabled service!

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Fast, Reliable Internet Browser with Flash Support (Firefox Based?).

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a app like the wii's nintendo channel. and i think a weather channel would be cool too.

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Tingle Kissy: a 3D app where Tingle kisses you for a job well done, for example enter pass a test as a goal, upon completion you get a kissy from Tingle, I think it would be a great motivator, if you fail Tingle would turn around and pull a Terrance & Philip.



A Nintendo 3DS Shop where users can download 3DSWare, Virtual Handheld games, and classic DSiWare titles.

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Twitter - for the love of god, why is there not a twitter app for the DSi already?

Some cool augmented reality sh*t like this:

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A Facebook app would be awesome. Yes, I know you could probably use the web browser to go to the mobile site, but a Facebook app could do more. No, I don't mean playing Facebook games on the 3DS, I'm saying it would be good to have something that's been created with the 3DS in mind. You could go to Flipnote Hatena and watch Flips on your DSi (if it takes you to the mobile page, at least), but why would you when you can use Flipnote Studio to view them (besides no sound in the browser)? And the ability to chat without going to a mobile "All in One" chat site would be great too.

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Weather, Messaging (like Wii's, but easier to use and with pictures and video), Quick to use News, Youtube (doubt it), and a quick, simple browser would make the 3DS my gadget for everything.

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