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商願2010-021055 DS Sound (TBA)
商願2010-021086 DS Name Card (REAL) "Game install app"
商願2010-021087 DSMagazine (REAL) "Read magazines"
商願2010-021088 DSMovie (TBA)
商願2010-021089 DSCamera (REAL) "Take 3D pictures"
商願2010-021090 DSCinema (REAL) "Watch 3D movies"
商願2010-021091 DSMessage (TBA)
商願2010-021092 DSMusic (TBA)
商願2010-021093 DSAlbum (TBA)
商願2010-021709 3DSPlay (TBA)
商願2010-021710 Nintendo 3DS (REAL)
商願2010-021711 ニンテンドー3DS (Nintendo 3DS) (REAL)
商願2010-021712 3DSWare (TBA)
商願2010-021713 Nintendo 3DSWare (TBA)
商願2010-023066 N3D (TBA)



source plz? and cool find

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Um... I don't really see how squares help find out more features of the 3DS.
But Thanks?



Dicesukeinuzuka wrote:

source plz? and cool find

The trademarks are old news from a month ago. You can find them on NLife, too.
He just wrote which ones were confirmed by the E3 presentation.

SpriteKing wrote:

Um... I don't really see how squares help find out more features of the 3DS.
But Thanks?

You need to update your browser's character encoding.

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Yeah, sometimes Nintendo just trademarks stuff without the intention of actually making anything. Like they have trademarked Vii, Zii, Lii, just to keep people from attempting to copy them cough Move cough



If theres Magazine they should have Shonen Jump

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The "Game Install App" wasn't really confirmed, it's just a rumor...

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