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Satoru Iwata has revealed many important details about the Nintendo 3DS Shop application. Users will be able to watch trailers and download demos for games as well as check out user reviews and the “Most Popular” list.

The shop is separated into various “racks,” which are used to group different types of downloadable games together. These don’t appear to be the traditional type of category like “Action” or “Racing” games, but Nintendo-specific themes like “Mario” and “Donkey Kong.” Selecting one of these racks opens a sub-screen that horizontally lists the different games available within this rack. Selecting one of these individual games brings up a further sub-screen that has a number of options.

Of course, you’ll be able to see details about the game, but you’re also able to:

  • View gameplay footage from the game.
  • Download a demo, which is definitely the most exciting addition.
  • See the opinion other users who have downloaded the game.


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I'm SUPER excited about the possibilities.


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A lot of that was already revealed from that one video. However, user ratings is an excellent addition. The listings will now have meaning, rather than "most popular" being "most sold". (Remember how WarioWare Express stayed on the Most Popular DSiWare list for ages? Yeah.)

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There is a thread for this here. Please feel free to continue this discussion there.

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