Topic: Nintendo 3DS screenshots..... in 3D!

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@HolyMackerel: That was awesome! It's long been my opinion that the biggest problem with first-person games is the lack of depth perception, and that video confirms my suspicions.

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That video does not look too good in the if the images aren't lined correctly for the 3D to function properly.

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To get a better idea here is a video of OoT that someone recorded from an N64 emulator that had a 3D plugin. This is all going into the screen but you can do it both ways... tech isn't any different.

Works with the crosseyed method or if you have some of those tinted 3D glasses lying around. Should also work if you have Nvidia 3D shutter glasses... I think.

also Paper Mario:
Pilotwings 64:
and there are heaps of others in related videos if you can be bothered looking

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Avatar in 3D proved it for me, but HM and skywakes video's further do. I can't see 3D with glasses.



This is a really good demonstration of the 3d in street fighter.

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