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So, as of right now the 3DS has sold something like 36 million consoles world-wide, but what do you guys project for lifetime sales of the console by the time it's all said and done? Personally, I don't see it beating out the GBA or the Gameboy Color or anything but I could see it doing a healthy 75-80 million units sold during it's lifetime, especially with some of it's biggest titles yet to be released that will definitely help to move units over the next year and a half. It also depends on how long Nintendo keeps it around before launching another console, the GBA and DS didn't seem to last more than 4 or 5 years before a new unit was introduced so if Nintendo cuts short the 3DS' lifecycle that could play into it as well.

But yeah, I'm going with about 45M sold in the U.S, about 27M sold in Japan, and the rest coming out of the rest of the world for a grand total of 75-80M during its lifetime.

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I actually think it'll cross or at least come close to the 100M mark, which is an amazing number in itself even if it still means 50M less than DS

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I think it'll go up, up, up, up, up and up until it breaks the roof and sets a new record in sales! XD

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80 to 100M me thinks

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Yeah, I'm in the 100M camp. Console is just 2 years old, has about 4-5 years left. As long the goodness keeps coming it should hit the 100M+ club rather easily.

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Let's be clear here.

The first time DS launched, sales were poor. Then after games showed up, sales went high.

3DS is the same thing. So if 3D land, Ocarina of time and others sold faster and more than the original DS had, it will definitely outsell the DS.

But look both systems are great so we shouldn't say that the 3DS is better than DS because without the DS, there wouldn't be a 3DS.

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