Topic: Nintendo 3DS Games Most Likely To Get Cancelled

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Don't listen to them. Most of those games they said would fail because 3ds sales but with the new price and holiday that will change.




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none of them!..except maybe Battlefeild 3. Did that even get announced?

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I hope not they are good games i would like to play. Don't know why they want to say something about nintendo just off they price cut.

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RE: Revelations is a completely different case than Mega Man Legends 3. The fact that they bundled the demo with Mercenaries 3D, and Mega Man Legends 3 didn't even get a demo shows Capcom is confident with this game. Plus, they had said long before MML 3 was cancelled that they would cancel it if there wasn't enough interest. The odds of Revelations getting canned are pretty low.

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Saw this on another site earlier today.

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Battlefield 3 I can understand for the shear fact that it was never even announced.

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While many of those are fairly shaky, I'm pretty sure RE:R and James Noir's Hollywood Crimes (if only for the amount of dev time it has to have been in) will be released.

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All those titles look like they could be strong. The 3DS doesn't have a glut of strong titles coming down the tube so assuming nothing changes it's not like they're going to have strong competition right now in selling those titles. The price slash should bring a lot of customers on board. I don't think these 3rd party games are going to get cancelled. It's way to premature. If the 3DS doesn't have a solid fan base by the end of the year then would be the time to get worried. This guy is jumping the gun. I hate the lack of 3rd party support so far but I don't see it getting worse than it already is in the short term.

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