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crazyj2312 wrote:

I hope they run out of 3DS consoles during the summer, just so I can laugh in the face of the snarky barstewards who keep saying "Well it's your own faults for buying it at launch."

From the sounds of it, they have tons of units ready to be pushed out if need be, and the stores are still stocked up, so I wouldn't expect any Wii-like shortages (even if they sell like hotcakes). Also, keep in mind that the eShop isn't reason enough to buy the console for these "snarky" people. They're waiting on the physical games and OoT/RE doesn't necessarily warrant these people purchasing a 3DS.

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SpicyDuck wrote:

JadeGirl wrote:

@TokyoRed, I agree. My mom tells us that the price is going to be lowered before we go and buy something that is on the launch date. But I like to get products that are on the launch date its just fun to do so and you meet new people, just like I bought my 3DS on the launch date even do I knew they would lower the price I am going to buy Zelda Ocarina Of Time. And its great to say Hey I bought my 3DS or whatever on the Launch date, it shows you are a loyal fan to whatever company you love.

Yeah man, but you gotta remember nintendo rarely lowers their 1st party games prices, unless they do a player's choice version of it.

Thats usually the case but this time all the UBISoft games are still at full whack RRP while Nintendogs (+cats) and Pilotwings Resort are both about half their starting price... oh and its cheaper to buy Lego Star Wars 3 on the 3DS than the normal DS at the moment with all the 3DS offers on.

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SpicyDuck wrote:

Also, guys let's just be happy we actually got a date, and since they didn't put an exact date on when they released it in the first place, it doesn't feel delayed to me. Yeah I know they said late may, but you can't always trust those approximate dates on anything.

Yes, you're more than correct. That's why it is called 'approximate date' and not 'fixed date'.

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