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Nintendo 2ds isnt just a regular nintendo ds?

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ShanaUnite wrote:

Nintendo 2ds isnt just a regular nintendo ds?

It's a cheap 3DS that plays both 3DS & DS games but not in 3D. Making it better for gamers on a budget who don't care about 3D I suppose.
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I mean im glad about the Wii U price cut, thats awesome but this ugly looking 2DS look stupid?

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Nintendo trying to make a buck off people who can't stand the 3D?? but that doesn't make sense either since those have a slider to turn off the 3d.

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I agree the 2DS is UGLY!!!!!! It needs to fold! .... and fit into a pocket.

I would like a 3DSXL with no 3D option for a discount.

ELI-ASH wrote:

Nintendo trying to make a buck off people who can't stand the 3D?? but that doesn't make sense either since those have a slider to turn off the 3d.

Another thing that just occurred to me is that it may be their "children version" , if you bought a 3DS or anything 3D you would note a warning label for young kids, and the video shows specifically a young kid with it.

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Launches same day as Pokemon X & Y. Seems like Nintendo's plot to sell more consoles and games to those who are too young for 3D.

The price is genius, it will sell a lot to all those who don't like 3D, but I do agree that the design is ugly. But what can they do? Ignorant people will confuse it for a 3DS and think it's just cheaper, only to find it dosn't play games in 3D. So I guess the design is to make it stand out more.

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All the fanboys would hate on you if you said Nintendo should release a 3DS without 3D, now they'll act like its the greatest thing ever..... I think it makes sense if it's going to be significantly cheaper than the 3DS but the design is ugly they should have given it the same design of the 3ds XL just not 3d

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Ok, never mind, this is actually real. It still seems ridiculous to me, but I guess we'll have to wait and see how it does.

EDIT: Well they did say this is specifically targeted towards younger children so I guess I can't be too upset.

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What is this monstrosity? It looks hideous...

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It looks uncomfortable... and... why are there still 2 cameras on one side if its 2d only?

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the circle pad and action buttons are next to the upper screen? isn't that gonna be like terribly uncofortable to play with?

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Edlicious wrote:

This was posted on nintendo's official you tube channel?


I fully believe this is a test to see if the tablet form factor is interesting to consumers, even with the weird, tacked on, 2 screen format that is seen in the clamshell design. It's kinda what I expected to happen, the tablet design. I didn't expect them to transform a 3DS into it, though. I figured they'd use it for their next generation handheld.

However, it makes sense. Test it out with the 3DS to see if it sells. It's ugly as all hell, though, lol. So glad I got a 3DS XL. It's cheap, though, and that's all that matters. 3D is gone, and that's not a surprise either.

Genius, really, but the branding, and 2DS name is going to cause confusion. I don't know what to think of that. I still think it will sell, on price alone.

Oh yeah, and trust me. 2DSXL will be released.

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This isnt actually real is it? It sounds like a big troll but with the big N you never know for sure >.<

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Well if priced right it can be a budget version of the 3DS...

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