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Anyone planning on getting Need for Speed: The Run for the 3DS? I was going to wait on a review but i've seen a couple of gameplay sessions on the game and it looked pretty awesome. Also, i found the following description on the included multiplayer:

"The 3DS version will also feature Autolog, which is integrated throughout the career mode and uses 40 in-game challenges scattered throughout the campaign. The game also takes advantage of StreetPass, letting players upload their best Autolog scores to other Nintendo 3DS devices. In multiplayer, the game will feature a straight race mode where eight people compete. There is also a four-on-four Cops vs. Racers mode. The game will support Wi-Fi and local wireless connections."

Anyone else plans on getting it for some online racing?

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I don't play many racing games. My first was Mario Kart, and the lack of items in normal racing games makes me lose interest pretty quickly.



I will but after a few other games

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I'll probs get it. Could you link the gameplay?

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