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Hello everybody! I recently purchased a 3DS (Fire Red) not the XL model...
I also picked up Luigi's Mansion 2... but I need help understanding something.
SO I heard that in North America you can get the Miamoto mii using street pass or something like that. ... I have no idea how street pass or the other thing (similar to street pass) works.

Do I have to play Luigis mansion to get miamoto to show up? How do I get other stuff? What is the this puzzle thing everybody talks about? I hear he is level 5... what exactly does that mean? Any help with this stuff would be awesome... thanks!



1. No. Any prior play through of Luigis mansion does not make miamoto appear. Level 5 miamoto (or any lvl 5 special mii for that matter) appears at random times. Apparently you just missed him... maybe next time.
2. What kind of other stuff?
3. It's called puzzleswap, it's on the streetpass mii plaza. Instruction on how streetpass works should all be on the streetpass miiplaza
4. Level 5 miis are special miis.
Hope that answers all your questions.

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Streetpass is a little neat thing you use when you're out or with people who have other 3DS'. It will just give you info and Miis to battle with in the Quest thingy when you pass by another 3DS owner, and if the game supports it and your game is in the 3DS, you might get some other neat stuff in-game if you passed another person with the same game in their 3DS. As for the "similar to street pass", that's Spotpass, it just collects a lot of things through the Wi-Fi connection when it's available, like notification from the eShop, Swapnote messages, game data, etc.
Puzzle pieces are pieces you collect via Streetpass from people who have those pieces or by spending coins you earn when you walk. The level 5 thing is the level of the Mii when you send it on a quest in the Street Plaza thing (not sure).


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was the miyamoto mii u.a.-only? i didnt get him here in europe

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Make sure you've made a Mii in Mii Maker and that you have your Internet set up. Then go into Streetpass Plaza and go to the backpack and start Puzzle Swap and get your first piece. Then back out and go to the toolbox and enable Spotpass for Streetpass Plaza. Close your Streetpass Plaza software (this is important, although it may not seem like it). Wait a few minutes till you get the Puzzle Swap and Special Guest spotpass notifications in the green bubble at the top of the main menu. Launch Streetpass Plaza again to greet Miyamoto. Do NOT move Miyamoto to the Mii Maker, or you'll lose out on some stuff. Then go to Puzzle Swap and accept another new piece from the Puzzle Swap spotpass update. Then go to Collect New Pieces, and I suggest you grab yourself one of the middle 8 pieces from the right-most puzzle panel. Then you can also use Miyamoto for Find Mii, where his level 5 abilities come into play.

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