Topic: New Super Mario Bros 2 or Super Mario 3D Land?

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Hey, so since I have decided to keep my 3DS now, I'll be going up town Sunday with some mates and will be grabbing one of these two games (Will get both someday) but for now, just going to get one. So which do you think I should get first?



3D land hands down, If you really want a 2D mario get a eshop card as well and get one of the mario Land or wario land games.


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3D Land. Makes better use of 3D, and there is more variety in its level design. It's embarrassingly easy, but still fun.

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Now you're just asking questions to ask questions 3D Land was a million time better. SMB2 is just SMB and SMB Wii but with way more coins nothing about that game was different from the previous ones.

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