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MIyamoto mentioned on IGN that his favorite Super mario bros title(s)of all time were SMB2(blushes*) and SMB1. The man's got good taste!
I just wish he were more involved in these newer SMB titles...



He definitely meant Super Mario Bros. USA. I think I remember reading he was more involved with the development of Doki Doki Panic/Mario USA than he was with Mario 2/Lost Levels
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Must of! That was 2 years ago. But it's odd, because i remember Miyamoto mentioning in an interview that he felt Super Mario World felt like it was lacking something....I could of sworn it was related to the stage design itself.


Yup! Doki Doki Panic SMB2.

Here's the Article >

From Miyamoto >

"I guess as a developer that might have to be the very first Super Mario game, for me, because I have so many memories tied up in it," Mr. Miyamoto told us. "Perhaps as a player, I might go for what was, at least in Japan, we referred to it as Super Mario USA, which was a game that just had a very different sort of feel. I think we had such a loose approach to it, we really came up with something interesting."

"I think the Mario games of that type are really in the hands of Mr. Tezuka at this point," Mr. Miyamoto said. "Because he didn't work on that one in particular, that was one I worked on, he doesn't have memories of developing it that he would draw on to re-create concepts in the New Super Mario Bros. series now, from that game in particular."



I'm changing my mind of this game,it's looking better each day.

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Nick-Clegg wrote:

I'm changing my mind of this game,it's looking better each day.


Yeah! That's exactly what I thought! I didn't really like the look of it at the Nintendo Direct, but now, its my desktop wallpaper (The new image that was on nintendolife today )
I have a few gifs of the game (nothing new, but they're cool) if you want to see them (or use them as your nintendolife pic )
(images from

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Emaan wrote:

Your opinion budday

Heeey so as much as I love talking about Miyamoto, let's get back to New Super Mario Bros. 2.
I still can't get over the missed Wario opportunity. Like Koopalings? Seriously? Its not cool anymore. Just like the Tanooki suit. Its neat to bring back an old Mario thing once, but when you do it again its not nostalgic, its just redudant.

I do agree that they need to change up several things. Wario would have been a much better villain, especially considering the gold theme they went with for this game. I will say though, to my knowledge they aren't bringing the Tanooki suit back again. They are bringing back the Raccoon suit. They are similar, very similar, but not the necessarily the same. Ironically, both of the suits, despite being so similar both in look and function, originated in Super Mario Bros. 3.

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@Ecto-1, yeah I know they're different. I just think since the Tanooki suit could do the same thing as the Raccoon suit and more in SMB. 3, it just seems more of the same now. The only thing I like that they're bringing back about it is being able to fly in a sidescroller Mario game. Which yes, the Raccoon suit accomplished, but we just brought back a SMB. 3 powerup. I'd love for Nintendo to draw inspiration from something like Super Mario Bros. 2, (having to do with the "2" in the title) or Super Mario Land 2 : 6 Golden Coins (for its potential Wario storyline, and it being about coins in a way)

Sometimes I just feel with these New Super Mario Bros. games, that there's so many missed opportunities. Why can't Nintendo try something new with this series for once? Pun intended

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Adam wrote:

Geonjaha wrote:

I feel that on this occasion they're doing very close to the minimum they can to get my money.

Trying to get your money as efficiently as possible is at least thematically appropriate on this occasion. That was probably their reasoning.

Well yes from a business pount of view it was a good decision, as they still got my money - but it reduces my faith in Nintendo's future products, and wont help their sales from me in the long run.

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Nintendo should of brang back the Frog suit as well, unless it is actually in NSMB Wii U....Which i highly doubt.
I checked out some more footage of NSMB2...and the music is identicle to NSMBWii. That's really irking my urcle!

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@WaveBoy, there's new footage? Or is it just the ones we've all seen. Some of us are just guessing its filler audio for the demo, but you never know.

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I reaaaally hope the music is just placeholder. It better be.


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I'm right there with you. I don't know why, its just the music has always been important to me in a new game.

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Nintendo doesn't know how to make game anymore.

N-Nintendo has found

3-3 ways to



How real men get the firearrows


If this is too easy, this will go on my list of "Games ruined by difficulty" along with Kirby's epic yarn and Pokepark wii. I just wish we know more about the goal already.

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@TheDreamingHawk The goal is to obtain one million coins, that is as far as my information goes.

This game looks amazing and all, but I really want to see where there going with this game, it has a bazillion coins, the goal is to get one million coins. Are we also saving Peach? Or has Bowser hired Mario because Mr. Koopa is in a debt crisis having to pay for all those goombas? Or is Mario now Wario's lacky hunting coins down for him? Or maybe Wario is in a Mario suit to save Peach to get the one and only nose kiss, while Mario has been imprisoned in Wario's castle? Or has Mario turned gold hunter and doesn't want Peach anymore?

C'mon Nintendo, tell us more.

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@Demonic, we already know Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser, yet again. There's also no sign of Wario in what's been shown so far. Whether the one million coins goal has to do with the story, like lets say Bowser demanding one million to give back Princess Peach, hasn't been revealed yet. Hopefully there's at least some story behind it. Otherwise Mario will just look greedy

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My guess is that the story is exactly the same as it usually is, and Mario is just gathering one million coins along the way for no apparent reason.
Anything more than that would be a surprise to me.


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