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After unpacking some stuff today from storage, I'm going digital. So much things lying around and as much as I love looking at box arts from time to time, it's too overwhelming..



Poor Wario.



Emaan1 wrote:

I'm pretty sure EVERY Mario game has been different from one another somewhat, visually, except for the New Super Mario Bros. games.

Super Mario Bros. and Japanese Super Mario Bros 2 almost look indentical.

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I love the handheld NSMB look, personally. Also SMG 1 & 2 were basically identical.



pixelman wrote:

I love the handheld NSMB look, personally. Also SMG 1 & 2 were basically identical.

SMG and SMG2 are nowhere near as similar as the NSMB games are to each other but NSMBW at least was more different than NSMB2 looks to be.


@RYBlast, I was going to say The Lost Levels, but I didn't count it because it was Japan only, and our Super Mario Bros. 2 was very different from the original Super Mario Bros.

@pixelman, Super Mario Galaxy 2 had a lot different worlds than the first game. Although they had the same basic appearance, the colors are a lot brighter in SMG 2. Also, I could easily tell SMG and SMG 2 screen shots apart. The New Super Mario Bros. games, not so much.

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Mariokartwii1 wrote:

Cant wait to get it i didnt get super mario 3d land yet so if this comes out before it then i will definetly be getting it!

That reminds me, I hope this game can peacefully co-exist with Super Mario 3D Land, it would be pretty dumb for it to kill potential sales for it.

Oh well, Nintendo knows best I guess.

@NintyFan, loving the comic!

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NintyFan wrote:

Poor Wario.

Wario owns a game company, he don't have time for this.

N-Nintendo has found

3-3 ways to



How real men get the firearrows


True, he does have his own series. 2 in fact.

But it would be a nice change to not have Bowser involved in a Mario game again. This would be the perfect chance. Like coins? This game is practically taunting anybody who wants Wario in a main series Mario game again.

I want Nintendo to re-think their storylines for new Mario games. This game could easily have the story : Wario takes over the Mushroom kingdom and wants Mario to pay him 1 million coins to buy it back. That way Mario is still a hero, and doesn't look greedy. -.-

"Mario wants more coins than ever before!" cool story, tell it again.

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You know what I think?...This sounds more like TRUE sequel for the "New" series. Can't tell much with the U version, but it looks like that's just going to be your normal Mario Bros. game like the Wii and original DS game. With this one mixing things up here with the whole 1Mil coin goal.
And more importantly...NO "LA LA LA" MUSIC!!! xD

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My point was that you really couldn't differentiate from the games if you hadn't played them yourself, whereas if anyone looked at, like, SMB2 vs SMB3, it's pretty obvious that they're different games.

Anyway, as I said before I love the NSMBDS art style (I don't like it very much on consoles), so I'm glad it's making a return. I also loved the world lineup in the first game, so it'll be awesome to play them again with new level designs, new powerups, new mechanics, etc. Very excited about this. :3



Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Saw gameplay of this on YouTube. It's still easy. Ya know how Reznor's back? He's beatable in under 50 seconds. Then again, it was just a demo so it could have been easy on purpose.

Well, to be fair, Renzor was never really tough at all when you got him figured out (and I'm sure everyone at E3 has played plenty of "World" in their time).


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It took them nearly a minute to beat Reznor? Wow they must suck.

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With so many coins flying around this game is bound to have online leaderboards.

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At this rate they may as well remove the Lives mechanic from Mario altogether.

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Is it me or is this game TOO easy. I love me some NSMB, but you could get your lives maxed out on the first world if you wanted. And it looks nearly impossible to get hit if you have that golden flower. Why are they focusing so much on coins, I was expecting some brand new power ups and enemies.

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