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Wouldn't this game be great on the 3ds? It could have a level editor
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Level editor? This ain't Sony, kid. Just kidding, making your own levels and sharing them with the whole world would actually be great!

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They should make the level editor unlockable, like you have to beat World 8 to unlock the editor, and you unlock more content as you achieve more tasks. So you'll still have a reason to play through the game itself.

As for the editor itself, instead of only making levels, it should be making a bunch of levels and stringing them together to make your own little Mario quests out of them! Alot like in the TI-83 game:


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@Clinker Nah. What if it is too hard to unlock. I say you earn more things in the editor as you progress.

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii was going to have a level editor by the looks of it. The coding spells it out

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