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Just thought I'd let everyone know, but a new puzzle came out today and it's...

Brain Age: Concentration Training! I was hoping for Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, or Monster Hunter but this is good I suppose...

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Another one!?
God, there are too many, the Fire Emblem just came out...


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There wouldn't be a Monster Hunter one or Luigi's Mansion one out in the west if we in Japan didn't even get them yet. Plus, I wouldn't hold my breath on the MH one, since the game has been out for nearly a year and there isn't one yet, and, its 3rd party.

If you want to see what is possible to get, look at what Japan has that you guys don't. Animal Crossing would be next

Also, there's already a thread for this...

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So that's the unknown puzzle I saw on a few 3DSs I StreetPassed earlier today. Kinda figured as much, but still.

Additionally, we tend to discuss new puzzles here; I think the mods would like it if we kept the discussion going there.

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Not released in Europe Still... Man, i want it so bad....




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