Topic: New Mortal Kombat possible on 3DS?

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I can't figure out why it's not coming to the Wii. I've seen a few videos and honestly it doesn't look that graphically advanced.
I guess Ed boon just hates Nintendo. We almost didn't get Deception on Gamecube.
They eventually decided to port it though. Anyway If SF 4 can come to 3DS with an almost exact port of the PS3 game why not have MK 2011 ported? Would any of you be in favor of that?

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I would totally buy that. Never liked Street Fighter that much and Mortal Kombat is just awesome. Could you imagine seeing Sanya's spine being ripped out in 3-D?

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Oh for goodness sakes. The new MK is far beyond what the Wii is capable, and I doubt Boon has the resources to create a watered-down versoin for a console on which adult games do not sell well.

As for the 3DS, possible yes, but again, it depends on whether the team finds it market viable.


test your might...... MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!

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Meh, more 3DS games, the better.


i have 3ds im postin this with it now i think the 3ds is by far the best system out there and iv ben playing mortal kombat since i was ten and mortal kombat 1 was on sega genesis u know had to put the blood code in to see blood i still remember it abacabb i would realy like to see what boon could do with 3ds software and mortal kombat il keep my fingers crossed



There's a reason this thread died over a year ago...

Best thread ever
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i wanna see MORTAL KOMBAT 1,2,3 on wii e shop "FINSHED HIMMMMMMMMMM"...

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At first I thought WhiteKnight was no longer banned, but then I realized this is an old thread

Not a big MK fan, but I wouldn't be against the idea, I suppose (I'd rather have a new Soulcalibur on 3DS, personally ).


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