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They made Mortal Kombat for the original DS (even with online play) so I don't see why they wouldn't make one for the 3DS. In fact, they even had included all of the fatalities... check this out...

Imagine if they ported the new Mortal Kombat over to the 3DS... that would be sic.

yeah, thats why i want it so bad on 3DS.
blood splashing on the screen with the 3d effect... woah

That would actually be pretty cool to see! Also being able to execute fatalities with the touchscreen would be awesome (I believe they allowed you to do that on the DS version)

Mars wrote:


Regarding my initial post, I wonder if the MK9 engine can run on the 3DS without sacrificing graphical quality or framerate. However, the PSP2 wouldn't have any trouble at all.

It might. If Capcom could do it for Street Fighter IV (port the game over without sacrificing a lot in terms of graphics) then I think they'd be able to pull it off with Mortal Kombat. It really depends on the developers.
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