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(Sarcastic) This is exactly why I buy a fighting game. Who doesn't want to take pictures of fake women on a 3D screen.

It's one thing to have hot girls fighting each other. I'm totally in for that! It's another thing to add a photo shoot mode to a fighting game. I want to fight not take pictures.

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Exactly. If its a feature you arent interested in, dont use it.



smash bros brawl has camera mode.

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The camera could be cool if you could pause the game and take pictures of the action, like Brawl. However that DoA: Paradise on the PSP is just sad... The Beach Volleyball one at least had a good basis to it. The second one was just added more mini games and HD graphics!!!! I actually haven`t played them, so I have only a basic idea of the differences and depth to those. However, from the way I understand it, Paradise is pretty much nothing but a camera and some very pixelated 'women'.

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It would hardly be a fair compensation for not having her as a fighter, but I wonder if Samus will show up in the figurine set. It seems likely.

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Is this real? I hadn't heard anything from any other big news site on figures in the game. If they've had pictures before, they could just be mistaking this for the figures in street fighter 4. Just seems kind of pointless(not that it's a bad feature) and too much work building 2000 figures just for a side mode that probably won't be used that much.
EDIT: well that's that's the third source I've seen so it must be real or an extreme effort to fake it. Just still seems like a lot of programming work for little reward.

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