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Hey everyone I'm new. I hope someone can help me.

I got a new Hylian Shield 2DSXl and I'm trying to do a system transfer from my old old old 2ds (the one that did not fold). My new one came Preloaded with Legends of Zelda. When I went to transfer my Nintendo Network ID, it said that I would lose everything on the new system. Does that include the game? If so,, how do I transfer my ID?

Also anyone know how to transfer the SD card data to the new system since the new system uses a different size sd card?

Thanks so much!



The preloaded game will be added to your old account.

You may need to visit the eShop to download it again.

Once you start your transfer, the new 2DS will give you options to transfer the data from the old SD card to the new one. Just make sure your new sd card has enough space.

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