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So, it's as many people believed/hoped. The game will apparently use the console's tilt sensor for things such as "Jiggling".
Check the article for more. They just couldn't resist, could they?


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Lol, silly people and their fascination with boobies. With that being said the more support for the 3ds the better.

To each his own.


This increases my chances of buying this game by %100.

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Oh hell no, WhoKnew.

Samus is a beacon for female video game characters. So easily can boobs ruin (or garner) a reputation (eg. Tomb Raider)

Aside from that, apparently the boob jiggling mechanism of Ninja Gaiden Sigma II on the PS3 has escalated.

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I'm not a fan of the Dead or Alive franchise, but the fact that it's in 3D(especially!), looks this awesome on a handheld, and now supports tilting tits? Color me Interested!

Super Street Fighter IV 3D is going to be a day one purchase for me hehe.

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