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Okay there not really new but these are cleaned up screenshots and shows how better the game looks just 3 its announced

This game looks gorgeous. Hopefully they keep away from the weird battle system from 4wol.


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Out of the titles coming out next year by third party companies for the Nintendo 3DS I am most excited for Bravely Default!

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Wow these look awesome. I'm pretty excited for this game as well and, unlike alot of people, I actually love the name. I actually didn't know I was into the whole turn-based RPG game thing. I actually bought Golden Sun: Dark Dawn like a month ago and....Well I played it like crazy. I was so hooked on that game that I would play it like 5 hours a day until I finished(took me like 40 hours to complete). Now I can't wait for the sequel to come out and for Bravely Default.
I don't even know if it's even being released here but I'm still hyped ._.

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I can't say that I'm too overly excited for this yet.
Maybe when I learn more about it.

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