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As soon as I saw the Kirby part I was excited... then I saw they were AR cards.



Now now, Charlie! There's every chance these are AR versions of their respective franchises! The Kirby game could see you battling King Dedede or Meta Knight using a variety of abilities provided by enemies walking around the table such as Waddle Doos and GIMs.

EDIT: Oh, it's a posable Kirby model which lets you take photos of the hero of Dream Land. Neat!

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i want kirby on my desk. i'll finally be able to squish him D:< i've always wanted to!

^random post FTW!!!

EDIT: if you guys didn't read the blog post, it says that they aren't games, they're just static figures. so your hopes and dreams of playing kirby's dreamland on your desk, are forever squished :3

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Cringing is really fun.



Going to take a Picture of him along with my Koffing and Slime plushie



Ugh, I keep thinking this a new thread and I'm all like "Yay!" xD

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maybethey will be unlockable games like the e-reader. and did you seed the nintendog demonstation ar card?



Here are some new leaked images from



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