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Irysse wrote:

Admittedly, it took some time for me to believe myself when I reasoned it out to be Fulbright, because he was the first character that you've known for multiple cases yet his true nature only gets revealed in the very last one. All of the other major antagonists' crimes are revealed in the very case they're introduced, but we see Fulbright a lot before we find out that's not the real Fulbright and the one in front of us is actually a psychopath. This is the closest the series has gotten to a betrayal of not just the characters, but the player. The fact that he was endearing in the same way Gumshoe was endearing did not help.

I didn't reason out the Phantom was Fulbright and still it feels a bit...cheap! I mean, in my mind it was just an alternate Gumshoe and being a fan of the serie I know too well these kind of characters should never be the culprit. I honestly was open to all kind of bizzarre revelations (ghosts, spirits...whatever!) but the thought of the clumsy detective never crossed my mind. Even going by exclusion, Fulbright was at the bottom of my list of suspects because it's a character you learn to appreciate too much during the whole game.
Come to think of it, the AA serie is written by the same author of Ghost Trick: PHANTOM DETECTIVE. Would be nice if those two words together were of any inspiration for the developement of the plot!

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