Topic: New 3ds doesn't turn on, seems like a combination of two problems or a completely new one.

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I have a problem with my NTSC-U new 3ds (not XL) and would like some help figuring out what is the problem with it. I have searched the internet and found 2 solutions for a problem only similar to mine. It worked fine with the only exception being that the L shoulder button worked only 1 out of 4 times I pressed it but after I completely disassembled the bottom part completely for cleanup and reassembled it, It wouldn't turn on, Not even a quick flash of the screens on or the blue on light. I tried turning it on both with and without the SD card but still nothing, So I tried to check if maybe i didn't connect one of the ribbon cables inside but they were all in and undamaged. Now to the interesting part... When I tried connecting it to the AC the charging light turned on but only for about 5 seconds (both when the 3ds was closed and open) and the system still wont turn on but sometimes the charging light stayed on without turning off until i disconnected the charger and so i tried to turn it on. this time it did turn on but not for long, Turning off with a pop while the bottom screen flashes for a split second. I imported this console and in my country there is no Nintendo customer support so I searched the internet and haven't found an answer to my case, I only found answers for the system not turning on at all or for the system to turn on and pop without the AC unlike my case. I found these forums in the process and saw people actually helping out someone with a problem so I post this to hopefully be able to fix my 3ds. Thank you all in advance.



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