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I decided to send in my New 2DS XL in for repair and thought I should make a log of the process. The console was bought at launch day and developed a stuck white pixel in January. Here's the log so far:

04/02/18 - Submitted a repair form on their UK service website.

15/02/18 - After waiting several days with no reply to the form I decided to phone them up. Booked in a repair and got a freepost label in my email within 2 hours. Courier was Parcelforce.

16/02/18 - 2DS XL dropped off at Post Office.

22/02/18 - Tracking states it was delivered to the service centre. Note: The tracking took a whole 48 hours for it to come online.

27/02/18 - Nintendo sent an email stating they have received my 2DS XL and will be assessed soon.

02/03/18 - I sent an email regarding an update of the repair status.

03/03/18 - Received a reply stating that it is a busy season for repairs and that it will take a while.

07/03/18 - Nintendo sent an email that my 2DS XL is now being looked at and that they will get it back to me within 7 working days.

07/03/18 - Further email stating it has been repaired and will be delivered on the 8th by DPD.

08/03/18 - Received console back. Upper screen was replaced and problem fixed. Console came back very dusty though.

Overall, I'm happy.

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