Topic: N64 Remakes you want to see come to 3DS

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HolyMackerel wrote:

I've been thinking that F-Zero would be the perfect series to show off the 3DS's technology. I'd prefer a new entry to the series than a remake though.

Yeah, I guess a new game would be preferable, but I think I could go for a remake, too. I'd love it if the new game had some reduxes of classic tracks, though.

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Alright guys, Before any of you post anymore RareWare properties-
Consider the following:
First off, Rare is NOT the company they used to be. All the quality people from the N64 era bailed when Rare was purchased by Microsoft. Rare in it's current state wouldn't be able to recreate the games you remember. Secondly, Most of the games you've been mentioning are Rare-owned titles like Banjo and Conker so seeing them on a Nintendo console, even if it's a hand held, is a pipe dream. Finally, Rare's DS development team was closed. Microsoft is far to busy milking Rare to do their bidding such as the Avatars and various Kinect games so Rare is busy pushing garbage at the moment.

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DavynD wrote:

ProtoZone wrote:

Superman 64.
There can be no other.


I'm more than likely alone in this, but has anyone ever played Chameleon Twist 2? I wouldn't mind a 3DS remake of that.

UH, CHEAH! oh my god, i frickin loved that game, unfortunately i dont believe nintendo would make a sequel to a game for a new generation of gamers, but if they either renamed it somthing like...chameleon twist: a 3d twist, or had both 1 and 2 on one cartridge, then we might have a winner. but until nintendo can pay more homeage to their originals, then we won't see any abnormal chameleons any time soon.

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