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Pokebank depresses me because I lost my copy of white 2 (along with many other games, the box I had them in simply disappeared) and I had every single important pokemon there, from gen three to five: events, trained mons, shinies and other ones I'll never be able to get back.

On the bright side .... you can avoid this from now on. That's the purpose of them releasing the bank.

A little bit too late

I know, the delay probably cost a few other fans their pokemon as well, and that's why the delay annoys me. The best fans have no hacked mons, and the longer it takes for the bank to come out, the more those specific fans suffer, not the hackers. The hackers can just hack their mons back into a new game, gah, they're why we can't enjoy nice things.

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My 3DS crashes a bit too often after this update.

Nintendo wrote:

Fixing staility

I thought fixing meant fixin not do thing worse!
Anyone else have the same problem?

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