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my Best Buy has a kiosk now, yay... but it only had pilotwings demoing on it. never been a huge fan of pilotwings anyway, so maybe that kinda killed my feelings about it, or maybe it's because i'm not really prone to buying into mad hype anyway, but i wasn't terribly impressed — just felt like a new console to me was all. i couldn't really get the 3D to work well (i'd finally gotten it set OK for third-person flying, but then when i switched to a first-person view, i couldn't get the 3D to work for my eyes at all, which was totally weird :/).

something i thought was interesting, though, was that when i moved my head out of the 'sweet spot' for 3D viewing, the screen looked 2D; i'd been wondering how moving out of the sweet spot would work and whether or not it would be too disorienting, so that was good to see. 2D play looked great, though.

i do like the circle pad quite a bit, it felt nicer than the DSi's D-pad. and i also liked how the demo was timed, so people can't just keep on playing and playing when there are other people who want to try it out, haha :3

also, the 3DS at the kiosk was the blue one... it was rather smexy IRL. if you're on the fence, i'd try and see it in person at a kiosk if i were you before writing it off :3

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Amazing Spider Man ride from Islands of Adventure had best not fried my brain from viewing things in 3D.



Does anyone actually turn off the 3DS to remove and insert game cards?

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@ImDiggerDan Wow, you sound like a real official reviewer!!

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I got mine this morning, and im pretty impressed. Im glad it will keep me entertained for a while, since my wii is getting shipped for repair.

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