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I have had a funny theory going through my mind that the 3DS doesn't have to be tabletop flat for you to view the 3-D effect. I'm thinking you can get the exact same experience if holding it, say, looking down at you and your streaming line of vision is diagonally looking upwards, straight at the screen, with a perfect gradient for the sloped eye line. This is rather hard to explain and I have no diagram, but I hope you get a brief idea of what I am predicting. I tried angling my DS Lite before my eyes in this way, and thought how angular differences could equalise with our vision in any way to produce the 3-D effect. What do you all think of this prediction?

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I'm pretty sure I've already read that there's a sort of optimal-view 'sweet spot' for the 3DS... if you're off by too far, it won't work as well.

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I was unaware there was ever any doubt that it would work while the viewer is holding it in the first place.



The angle in the Y axis doesn't affect the 3D... only in the X axis.

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Ofcourse its gonna work like that. wherever you hold it as long as your looking at the sweet spot you can see the effect. hold it looking up at you and you look down at it etc. Thats how they said first person shooters would work on the 3DS. i get what you mean too as i had thought about it like an hour after they showed it off at E3. then i saw "omg thats how they can do first person shooters!!!. we just follow the screen and not lose the sweet spot wherever we move!!" was what i imagined.

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Rift wrote:

I was unaware there was ever any doubt that it would work while the viewer is holding it in the first place.


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