Topic: My 3DS is lagging after the latest updates?

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I've noticed that after the latest two updates, my 3DS menus seem to load a few seconds later now. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Do the preinstalled software (Streetpass plaza, cartridge slot, face raiders etc.) show up as soon as you start it up and then the extra programs/games take a few seconds to load? Or is it all the icons that take a few seconds? I'm experiencing the first, I can't load the cartridge until all my downloaded software has appeared.

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The files that are stored on my SD card always take a few seconds (like 5) to load when I first turn it on.
But I hardly ever turn my 3ds on because I hardly ever turn it off. I put it in sleep mode and put it on the charging cradle overnight.

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Downloaded software always takes around 1-2 seconds (depending on your SD Card class) to load the icons. Nothing to worry about.

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