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Looong story short, I'm moving to Australia (from Canada) for a year, and of course I want to bring my 3DS. I already know that any retail games I want would need to be imported from NTSC, but I have two questions.

Do I need an Australian 3DS charger? I know that they use a different voltage in homes there...
Would my eshop still work, as a North American version? I don't really want to switch it to Australia.




Well you could buy a 3rd party charger here and maybe that would work. not too sure.
As your aware no retail games here will work, but as for the eshop it should work as its already connected to the NA Store, but AU points won't work. So you will need to use a credit card or something (:



Woo Australia! In regards to the charger I think you would need an Australian charger however i'm still not sure if it would work, with the different voltage and all... As for the eShop in theory it should just connect to the NA store because it is an NA 3DS however not sure if you can access it from within Australia or not. Welcome to Australia anyway

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I would say you'll be fine re charging! I bought a US DSlite from Nintendo World in NYC in 2008. I live in the UK, so the plug fittings to the wall and voltage are very diff. I used a UK charger from another DSlite with my NTSC DSlite and it works fine, no diff at all. So you could buy local (AUS) 3DS charger OR, when your at the airport, buy a plug adaptor from one of the travel stores there! They are designed for you to charge your home electronics with your normal wall plug! Should only cost you about $10 - 15!!! I use these when I travel to charge my Laptop/mobile phone/Game systems etc!!

Hope this helps

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1. Yes, you'll need to buy an Australian charger, but it will definitely work (all chargers include a transformer, which takes the AC input from the mains - depending on where you are - and outputs the DC voltage that the 3DS needs, which is the same for every console, regardless of where it is bought).

RD74 wrote:

when your at the airport, buy a plug adaptor from one of the travel stores there! They are designed for you to charge your home electronics with your normal wall plug!

Careful with this - all those adapters do is change the physical connections required to plug in to a socket. They don't contain a transformer to convert the mains power to something compatible with whatever device you're using. Some devices, like a laptop charger, are universal and will accept all mains voltages, but I know that my DSi charger (which I got with the console I imported from the USA) only accepts 110V, 50Hz input. As a result, that charger will not work with a simple plug adaptor, and may actually get damaged if I try to use it with one. To know if you need a plug adaptor, or if you actually need to buy a new charger/device, every electrical device you buy should contain the input signal information. If it says 110-240Hz, 50-60Hz, then you can use it anywhere in the world with a plug adaptor. Otherwise, you'll need to find another solution.

2. You'll still be connected to the NA eStore - all Nintendo consoles are set up to connect to the store in the region that they are bought in. As that's just a server, it doesn't matter from where in the world you connect to the store - you'll still get to the same one.

Finally, welcome to Australia - watch out for the drop bears! Where in particular are you moving to?

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Thanks guys! I'll stock up on eshop points and see what I can do for importing.

Brisbane, by the way.



I thought Australia used a similar AC output to America, or is that just Japan

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lz20XX wrote:

I thought Australia used a similar AC output to America, or is that just Japan

I think that's just Japan. My brother went on a People to People Student Ambassador trip a couple years ago to Australia and New Zealand, and I remember my mom getting him an iPod charger that had interchangeable charging plugs that fit/converted voltage for various region's power outlets, and I remember reading on the box that the plug that worked for the US also worked for Japan. I'm not certain about that, though.

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People to People! I was invited to that, and I did go. It was a trip to Japan.. Too bad I could not afford it

Would have been soooo awesome to go. And I would have stayed at a family's home for I think a week to see how their culture is first hand.

Anyways... Have fun in Australia. And be sure to get me an autograph from a Kangaroo. Any will do



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