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Well heres some more rumors for those of us who still believe in the November release date (me included lol)
Boy I hope its right, i guessed the 21st but I sure wouldn't mind it a day early!

"A Japanese product designer has tweeted that:

“On November 20th, the 11 goods I designed for use with the 3DS will go on sale simultaneously. Those of you buying the 3DS, please buy them while you’re at it! This will be officially announced on the homepage eventually, lol. Best regards.”

To each his own.


Yeah I wen't to a blog today and saw the samething, I'm sure that's when it's going to be released. WOW I'm going to Gamestop as soon as possible.

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So many Awesome video games coming out this year! So many games so little money! Crap!



please discuss this new rumor in this existing thread. thank you.

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