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There was a news story on GoNintendo a little while back where a Japanese model had posted a 3D photo gallery for the 3DS launch.

The first thing I noticed about these photos when viewing them on the 3DS is that they were not taken using the 3DS cameras. They were actually shot in high resolution. I'm looking specifically for high quality 3D photos and/or art not created using the low rez 3DS camera. If anyone has links to more sites with high-resolution (and safe-for-work) 3D pictures that can be viewed on the 3DS, please post them here or if there's already a thread about this, please redirect me to it.

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It may be wise to point out that the photos linked to in the first post are probably NSFW and suitable for a mature audience (although no full nudity is involved).

I just tried a photo downloaded from this website, and although it is an .mpo file, the 3DS didn't recognize it as a photo in the 3DS Camera. This is probably because the image isn't of the right dimensions and/or resolution for the 3DS.

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Most of them work, but a few it couldn't recognize, and I'm not sure why. It usually resizes photos no matter how big they are or what aspect ratio. I'm wondering if it's photos taken with a certain brand of camera or why certain ones don't work.

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