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help a non techie mamma ...
My sons have orginal 3Ds consoles .. they've seen minecraft in the nintendo store
will it work?

I've seen it saying it's too slow "apparently " aside from the obvious does that mean it MAY work albeit slowly or that it just won't work full stop ..
thanks in advance



Minecraft will only work on a "new" system. By "new" I don't mean literally a new system, but the ones with "new" in the name. (example: New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL).

They're models with extra power and buttons than some games require to function. If you try to use it on a non-new model, it will not open.

However, if your kids want something simiar to minecraft on their original models, you can find a few options on the eShop, like Cube Creator DX and BattleMinerz.

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thank you - alas the alternatives are not bringing joy right now..
I had no idea when I bought the Ds consoles there was an orginal and a new version so bought the consoles to realise my grand plan would fail ..
So I merrily got the "3DS" thinking I'd add minecraft and all would be well ..
Many thanks for clarifying



As people have already stated before, it will just not load. From what I've played and seen, the clones don't look or play good at all. HOWEVER, I can give you a good minecraft "clone". Terraria! Its pretty much Minecraft, but 2D and in a more "fantasy" enviorment. It doesn't have a physical cartrage (I think), but last time a checked it was 30-something in US dollars on the 3DS eshop, and it runs on all models. Hopefully this helps!

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