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I just read that version 1.9 is the final update, no 3D forever, I guess.

It's really a shame, would have been the only 3D console version of game.

Not only that, but the game really lends itself to 3D by it's visual style.

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Seems better to ask a couple questions in this topic, rather than make a new one.

Jungle Biomes. Are they even in this version? Have made many worlds and even flew around them in creative filling in the whole map. Never seen one, and they stand out.

X, Y, Z coordinates. Is the a way to see this in version?



Awesome thank you. I thought I saw cords on this version before. Been a while, played it briefly the other day. Didn't see that haha. Bonus chest, must have not had that on when I was making worlds.



Actually I apologize because there's no option for a bonus chest in this version.

Just checked right now.

Anyway, I also went and got photographic evidence that jungles exist in the 3ds version. I gotta be honest, it took me like an hour just to find one across like 4 different maps. That's kinda weird.

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Yeah with the amount I've looked for them and never seen one, they might be very rare. Or just terrible luck haha



No problem about the bonus chest thing. Random but here is an interesting seed:


You spawn right next to a Woodland Mansion, and there are 4 or 5 villages in it. 1 of them is cut off at the edge of the map. That one is just half a building and half a farm if I'm remembering right lol



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