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Topic: MiiVerse 3ds later

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  • coming to smartphones and web browsers sometime in April or May
  • 3DS version to follow at a later date
  • will provide basic Miiverse functionality at first
  • this includes posting comments, drawing doodles, and viewing and engaging with communities
  • there will be existing games and apps on the 3DS that won't be Miiverse compatible
  • Nintendo is currently taking requests from game developers for what they would like to see in the update Miiverse API

Source: http://www.polygon.com/2013/3/27/4154796/miiverse-to-come-to-...

I hope not too long for 3ds. I figured some games won't work with Miiverse on 3ds.

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So, will you be able to use Miiverse on 3DS without having to have a Wii U, or...?

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Not an "LOL" this time, but pretty cool.

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3DSonicPizzaHD wrote:

So, will you be able to use Miiverse on 3DS without having to have a Wii U, or...?


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bringing miiverse to non-nintendo devices before they bring it to the 3DS?
dafuq, nintendo?

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Finally we hear something on miiverse. :D I decided to wait til early august to get my wii u. So it'll be nice to get a taste of the miiverse on my 3ds before I get my wii u. :)

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I can't wait to see how future 3ds games will use miiverse like pokemon x and y will according to it's promotional stand at gamestop.

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This is going to be cool for sure when it comes out. I think it should come to 3ds before smart phones and browsers though for the faithful. I guess Wii-U owners will benefit from the access on their smart phone or PC

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Would you like to see Miiverse as it is on the Wii U on the 3DS with the top screen and bottom screen being able to switch

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