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Excuse me..
Medabots 8 has been announced through Famitsu magazine for the 3DS! As usual there will be two versions featuring Metabee and Rokusho! The art seems to be completely new this time around with a different cast of characters. A soundtrack CD will be given as a pre-order bonus.
Very excited for a traditional new entry in the series! Shame we never got 7 but hopefully things are different this time!


New info came out today! It seems this game isn't connected to previous entries in the series, it's all new. The main character is vengeful for his father who died to Medabots crimes. The battle system will be made easier to get into. The game has updated visuals and will have a detective theme.

Cover art and more details released! This entry is going to basically be a reboot. It's going to simplify the battle system for new comers and have more a detective theme. And they are going all out with that theme by including people that worked on Ace Attorney! The graphics are getting an upgrade too.
Cover looks awesome and the graphical overhaul really pays off, it's beautiful. The graphics are a step up from Medabots 7!

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Any word on a North American release?



Seeing this has brought up memories of watching the (dubbed) TV show and playing it on my GBA. I am now (somewhat) hoping ti comes out in NA.


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Good find @Retro_on_theGO
Now why have the H2CO molecule in the trailer I wonder.

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Ohhh cool. I thought the series died.

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