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@NintyFan They have it listed as May 12, but they mean May 2012. I don't think they include days in their radar list.


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Emaan1 wrote:

This game will be great

Yes! I am going to buy it on release date!


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It comes out about a week before my birthday, so I'm just going to save some money and ask for it then

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Pre-ordered this today! The new modes pretty much stole my money from me <3

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I'm going to try to get it pretty close to launch, but I'll wait for a sale too. Seems like Best Buy has been selling new games at $10.00 off pretty often recently, that might be the way to go.

I'm not a big sports game guy, much less tennis, but with the Mario gang involved it looks too good to pass up.

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Here's gameplay footage showing Super Mario Tennis and a sneak peak at Wario's new court.

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I have to admit, the NES SMB minigame looks like all types of awesome.

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Dat Super Mario Tennis minigame almost sold me, but when I saw the Galaxy one, I threw cash at the screen.

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14 minutes and 55 seconds of Mario Tennis Open footage.

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okay i'm definitely getting this game next month

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I don't want to break any rackets, but I just read that the online multiplayer might be restricted to regions instead of being worldwide. I can understand separating Japanese and non-Japanese players, but singling out every region is kind of disappointing and not very "Open". I hope they add a Worldwide mode through a patch.

EDIT: Everything else about this game looks really good though!

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This already looks better than Mario Kart 7. Which isn't hard to pull off but still.

I know what I'm buying next month.

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I'm nearly ready for a break in Kid Icarus so this looks like it's going to arrive at about the right time.

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Anyone else notice how the characters have the exact same voices from Mario Power Tennis? It seems odd that they would simply carry over sound effects and voices from an eight year old game into this one. Otherwise, everything else looks and sounds fantastic, and I'll get it as soon as I can.

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Does anybody know how many levels are in the NES tennis mode?

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