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well for anyone who's wondering camelot is working on tennis and golf, we don;t know who's working on the other three yet.

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MysteryAozz wrote:

well for anyone who's wondering camelot is working on tennis and golf, we don;t know who's working on the other three yet.

So not only were they made to develop Ultra Smash and now this? While this means the tennis and golf will be solid, it pretty much confirms Golden Sun is dead (unless they pass the torch). That pains my heart.




Golden Sun's torch was put out long ago. There's nothing to pass.

Unless maybe they make a remake/ remaster of the originals to re-introduce the series. Maybe even make them one game, as they were originally going to be.

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Maybe Square Enix or Sega is working on the other sports. The soccer/football appears to be straight out of Mario & Sonic. If I were to guess, I'd say it's a co-development between Camelot and Sega.

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@DarthNocturnal There was still time. But recent developments have led me to believe it went out when Golden Sun had little-to-none representation in Smash Bros



I fear for the content available on this sports compilation as well, look what happened to Ultra Smash.

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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Well this game has an online component which we will be able to play with players around the globe

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In the North American direct, Bill said that "these are full-scale sports, and there's more to them than you may expect," and I believe it. When he said that it made me think back to the reveal of Rusty's Real Deal Baseball, which they kept insisting you need to play to understand the "feel" of the game. I was initially dismissive of Rusty's Baseball but it ended up being a great surprise once I tried it.

I know it's not exactly the same but I'm willing to trust that each sport will offer a worthwhile experience so that we end up with a decent amount of depth as well as breadth in this compilation.



@Grandpa_Pixel the team who made golden sun at Camelot left years ago. The guys at retro who did most of the work on the metroid prime trilogy left years ago. All the good Mario party's have been developed by Hudson Soft who was liquidated and bought by konami. If anyone at Nintendo makes another golden sun you can expect it to be vastly different from what you're hoping for.

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I'm definitely very interested in this game. I'm so happy there's online! I love the football in Mario & Sonic Rio, so I'm guessing that I'll really like the football in this game as well. I'm also a big fan of Mario Super Sluggers, and the baseball gameplay looks very similar. The horse racing also looks really fun!

I'm glad to see a lot of characters in the roster, like Bowser Jr., Boo, and even Baby Luigi and Baby Mario! I also really like the new character emblems. I wonder for the team sports if each character will have their own team name? Like the Luigi Knights or the Bowser Monsters from Mario Super Sluggers... I hope so!

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@Blue_Blur, why are you calling it Football? According to your profile you're from the U.S., lol. (and aside from a few uptight individuals, not that I know of any here at NL, I don't think anyone really cares that we call it Soccer).


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@faint Actually most of them are still at Camelot. The only one on record to our knowledge to no longer be there died. Unless you have a "who's left" list somewhere?



I wouldn't be surprised if Bandai Namco got involved with this one.

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@RR529: Well, they call it football in Mario and Sonic Rio, and I've been playing that game quite a bit lately, so I guess I've just gotten used to calling it that! lol XD I am from the U.S. though, so it is really soccer to me...perhaps I will just call it soccer for now on.

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Considering the site is European, you might be better off calling it football.

After all, more people will identify it by that name.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Is anyone playing this? I am thinking of picking it up, but I want to know if it's easy to find online games. I'm basically buying it for the tennis, since Mario Tennis 3DS doesn't have many active players.


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@McGruber This game is poorly made, half assed, and a quick cash in. It's a waste of money and definitely doesn't deserve to be played.

Poor controls. Boring gameplay. Unoriginal game modes.

You're going to be sick of it after a few minutes of gameplay.



@link-the-volnutt You're probably right, but I read the tennis is basically Mario Tennis 3DS, which I did like a lot, even though it's pretty simple. Have you been able to find online matches easily?


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Is this even worth getting now that in discount, online players many?
E: -50%

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@Eagle9 its very limited, but can be fun if u have a friend to play with. baseball and golf were my favorites, but the other games were decent also. i paid full price and regret it. half price isnt bad but like i said its very limited in all aspects really lol. makes me yearn for the old rpg style camelot sports games

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